Tuesday 16th July 2019


This year has once again been a great success! As is the case every single year, there was much excellent feedback from employers about our pupils. Quite simply, there were so many good and positive things said, that to record them all would more than double the size of this website report! It is true to say that by far our best ambassadors are our pupils:

In summary, some of the feedback we received included:

  • Andrew and Joel Peel Ports: Just a quick note, myself and peter Williams would just like to pass are thanks on to Andy Hill for sending to young men down to the stage on Tuesday 10/2/15. Joel and Andy from Woodchurch high came down to do a shift with myself and peter, they both showed great interest and enthusiasm in learning all about the Pilotage department and the day to day working on the river Mersey. They were shown around the PV PETREL, the daily checks and general up keep of the launches. After a run through the safety procedures, we set sail were Joel and Andy were able to have a look at the navigation equipment and the importance it has navigating the river. They managed to get two trips out to the Mersey bar and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. They both showed great manners, and thanked us both as we landed them ashore at Woodside stage, I would just like to say that they were both a credit to their parents, and there school and would be welcome to come and visit us again
  • Ceejay - Liverpool John Moores University: Credit to the school. Represented Woodchurch High School as well as the undergraduate students who come on work experience in these offices. Tasks included Inputs of data, using phone to contact companies to request extra information to ensure his tasks can be completed.
  • Megan Manor Primary School: We have enjoyed having Megan in our class as the week has progressed. She has grown in confidence and this has been great to see. She has enjoyed working with the children and they ve loved it.
  • Beth Diamond Precision Engineering: From the outset Beth had an excellent attitude to her work. Her time keeping was exemplary, consistently being organised and ready to start before the 8am start. Beth proved to be a very mature and hard working individual who made a very good overall impression.
  • Connor Wirral Autistic Society: It was a pleasure to have Connor working in our different departments. All the department heads spoke positively about his contribution. We all benefitted from his work with us. We wish him well in the future.
  • Olivia Bidston Village Primary: Very professional manner, would have her back in school anytime.
  • Daniel Hillside Primary: Daniel has been an excellent member of our Foundation Unit team this week. He has willingly and wholeheartedly participated in everything. He is very well motivated, god use of initiative and aware of what s needed and able to work without supervision.
  • Spencer Prenton Golf Range: Spenser has proved to be a great help with setting up the range. We now employ him on a Sunday morning
  • Faye Linghams Books Ltd: it was a pleasure to work with Faye this week. She is a lovely young adult who I m sure will go on to achieve all her goals, and will be an asset to any organisation she goes on to work for. Faye showed self motivation and was very capable of doing all jobs required to a high standard. I wish her all the best for the future.
  • Danielle St Michael & All Angels Primary: Danielle has been a pleasure to have. She has a natural connection with the children therefore she would be more than well suited to a career working with children and young people. Danielle has demonstrated good initiative, she notices children s needs and acts upon them without prompt form other adults.
  • Jamie Devonshire Park Primary School: Jamie was very well motivated and showed mature and professional attitude. He is polite and respectful. He worked well with the children and ran a guided reading group confidently on his own. It has been a pleasure having him with us this week.
  • Amy Hilton Hotel: Amy is a friendly young lady who works well with the team and is willing to try different tasks. She seemed to enjoy her time here at the Hilton.
  • Ellie Eastham Centre: Ellie has been smart, respectful and polite throughout her week here. She has won hearts and minds amongst our service users and staff team alike. Well done Ellie and good luck.
  • Leyla Creative Youth Development: It has been a pleasure to work with Leyla this week. She has amazing passion for dance and tried her best in all that she did. She has overcome her nerves and her confidence has blossomed. Her ability to help and support others is great and we really hope she will continue to attend the theatre after her placement.
  • Bradley N.W.P Ltd - Airport Component Manufacture: Bradley was a pleasure to have on site, all the people he has been involved with have commented on how good he was at all the tasks he was given.
  • Jade Eastham Centre: Jade has been polite, respectful land smartly presented throughout her week here at Eastham. I believe improved enthusiasm and confidence would be forthcoming if she stayed longer at the centre, it can be daunting to one so young. She completed tasks given to her and has proved popular with the service users and staff. Good luck for the future.
  • Stefan Magenta Living: Stefan has been a pleasant and polite young man who has done extremely well with everything which he has been asked to do. We would like to commend him on how he has conducted himself throughout the placement.
  • Kate The Trustland Group: Kate is a lovely person, friendly and willing to help in whatever task she was give to do. We have enjoyed having her in our office this week and are happy to have her work here in her holidays when she is 16.
  • Matthew Three Gables Nursery: Matthew has been excellent. All the children loved him and were very excited when he came in through the door. He is always enthusiastic and eager to join in with the children.
  • Olivia Wirral Hair Ltd: It has been a pleasure to have Olivia working here this week. She has been more than helpful even if hairdressing is not what she does want to do in the future. She has great people skills which will help in any career

A number of pupils have also been offered either holiday or part-time employment as a result of their excellent progress. As ever, the many successes (including all of the above) only underlie the importance of Work Experience, in terms of developing within the pupils skills for employability, as well as giving them the opportunity of learning about work, through work.