Sunday 22nd September 2019


The Rotary Youth Speaks competition is a chance for pupils from different schools to come together and compete in a debate on a topic of their choice. Woodchurch High School’s team were Sadie (9XZ) who was Chairperson, Ben (9YV) who gave the vote of thanks, and Chloe (8YV) who was the main speaker. The chairperson’s job is to introduce everyone, and control the meeting, the speaker then has six minutes to perform a speech on their chosen topic, and the vote of thanks summarises the meeting and thanks everybody for listening.

Woodchurch High School’s topic of debate was “What’s a job worth?”, a topic close to the team’s hearts as Chloe’s dad is a staff sergeant in the Army. The team dedicated time during school hours to write their speeches and rehearse for the competition. The local heat was held at Birkenhead VI Form College, Monday 12th January. Unfortunately, the team narrowly missed 1st place, but were still happy to be a part of a competition which allowed them to discuss and debate key issues. This is the first time Woodchurch High School have been involved in this event, and will hopefully take part next year, with yet more success.