Friday 20th September 2019


This week, 38 lucky year 7 pupils had the opportunity to visit the home of Sale Sharks Rugby Club; the AJ Bell stadium to take part in the Number Crunches programme. Pupils had a fantastic time and are looking forward to attending a game after christmas.

Sponsored by MBNA, the Number Cruncherz programme was developed in partnership with the Sale Sharks Community Trust and the Personal Finance Education Group (pfeg) charity.

Through a series of interactive sessions held at the AJ Bell stadium, Number Cruncherz aims to offer 15,000 11-12 year olds the opportunity to develop their number and financial literacy skills outside of their school environment.

As financial education becomes part of the compulsory national curriculum in England for 11-16 year olds, MBNA and the Sale Sharks Community Trust aim to use this programme to reach out to enable schools to fulfil their commitments in an interesting and engaging way.

The Number Cruncherz programme begins with the Sale Sharks Community Trust coaches presenting to pupils and students. Here, the coaches teach the pupils about the history and core values of Rugby Union, as well as the history of Sale Sharks.

The coaches then encourage the pupils to take part in a touch rugby training session, which helps them to apply what they have learnt from the presentation, but it also helps the coaches to build a relationship with the pupils before their trip to the AJ Bell Stadium.

While at the AJ Bell Stadium, pupils take part in the four main sessions that MBNA, pfeg and Sale Sharks have developed. These are:

  • Income and expenditure
  • Needs and wants
  • Budgeting
  • Making choices

The Trust coaches then help the pupils to employ these sessions to real life scenarios that they can relate to and learn from.

After they have completed the Number Cruncherz programme, pupils are given the opportunity to attend a game at the AJ Bell Stadium.