Thursday 22nd August 2019


As part of our Archbishop of York Young Leaders Challenge we worked with Magenta Living in visiting our local sheltered accommodation block - Brackendale. As part of our programme with this accommodation we arranged an activity afternoon. 8YE, who ran this event thoroughly enjoyed it and wrote the following report:

Our form, 8YE, went to Brackendale to do our Archbishop of York award. We played a number of games to give the elderly some company.

Some activities we did were:

  • Bingo (Chloe, Anya, Megan)
  • Poker (Tyler, Josh, Zack, Lewis, Jack)
  • Card games (Ellie, Megan, Emily, Leah, Meghan)
  • What am I? (Jack, Thomas, Erica, Alex)
  • Pool table (Ben, George, Ewan)
  • Quiz (Benjamin, Matthew, Alex)

The elderly had a great time. Megan, Anya and Chloe did bingo, which was the busiest game. We made them all a cup of tea, which was lead by Ben and Connor, with had a quiz at the end. It was an enjoyable afternoon.

“We enjoyed it because we met new people and we enjoyed playing all the games.”

“We got to sit on the comfiest chairs.”

“They gave us chocolate and biscuits which we shared with the residents.”