Thursday 22nd August 2019


As part of our Archbishop of York Young Leaders Challenge we worked with the Oxton Gateway Project and Merseyforests beginning to transform Ilchester Park, Birkenhead for next year. Merseyforests we so pleased with our work they have asked that we go again to plant some more.

One of our pupils, Courtney wrote about the day:

“Today we had lovely day planting Tulips, Daffodils and much more. We had a fantastic day out on the Archbishop of York challenge.

Before the boys got there we planted 40 daffodils between each tree (4 roles of 10 daffodils). When the boys arrived they started planting crocuses which grow to different colours. The girls then started planting Tulips. We also planted snow drops around trees in the park.

When we had finished planting we went to the St James Centre for lunch, followed by a going on a natural history walk around a recently planted area of Bidston Hill.

Overall we planted lots of plants to help people and had an amazing day.”