Friday 20th September 2019


Trip to the National Football Museum

THERE'S ONLY ONE - BIG JOE ROYLE (extract) by Paul

Going back to my Everton roots
Alan Ball's white football boots
Players come and players go
But heroes live and legends grow
The king who reigned on Goodison soil
There's only one - Big Joe Royle
Determination and defiance
Exemplifies the School of Science
The combination and perfect mix
From the debut days of sixty six
The perfect link, the perfect foil
There's only one - Big Joe Royle

On Monday 10th November 2014, pupils from the Premier League Reading Star scheme travelled to the National Football Museum in Manchester for a day of poetry, trophies and remembrance.

“We went to the National Football Museum to work with Paul Cookson who is the poet in residence, he was very good. He has been writing poetry for 21 years and has published poetry books as well as poetry comics. I liked the defender poem and writing our own poem with him. I also wore an old football kit, it was really colourful I think it was Doncasters old kit. The history of football really interesting, I never really thought about football having history before!”

Daniel, 7XE

“I really enjoyed holding the Barclays Premier League trophy, it was unreal. I now know how it would feel winning with my own football team. I had to wear gloves to hold it, as it was really precious. Fantastic.

We wrote our own poem with Paul, it was a type of poem called a KENNING it was called REFEREE!!!”

Kenning is an Old Norse term. It is use in writing to describe something without giving the name away. It looks at the characteristics of a subject and then describes the qualities of what the thing is or what it does. It is a poetic phrase that is used instead of the name for something.

We thought of a title first “Referee”. Then we described it without using title. This was an excellent activity to make good use of our word finding skills. Premier League Reading Stars were able to come up with phrases to build a picture of referees. It was almost like a riddle, it was fun!

Liam, 7XN

“It was a great day, I loved the penalty shoot out simulator, I did well. It was good walking around looking at old fashioned footballs and stuff. I like being part of Premier League Reading Stars, we are off to Anfield next”

Niall, 7YZ

“It was good looking at how football was played in history. You could feel how the old shin pads and gloves were made. I was third in the penalty shootout, Kole Mawbey came first and Kyle Weir-Siggins was second on the leader board.

The BBC were filming the FA Cup 2nd round draw and commenter Guy Mowbey was filming. We got to talk to him about his work and what it is like to be a sports commentator on BBC news. It was great”

Kyle, 7XZ

“I enjoyed the mini bus trip with my mates and everything we did at the museum even the poetry!

We were able to explore the museum. It was brilliant! Guy Mowbray was ace matches. He has worked on Match of the Day and commentates for the BBC on premiership matches each week.

Mowbray was the chosen commentator for the BBC's coverage of England games at the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012 including England's eventual quarter-final shoot-out defeat to Italy.

He wasn’t as good as us at the penalty shootouts

Jack, 7XN