Tuesday 16th July 2019


“TRACK DOWN” - a search and rescue operation

The morning of Tuesday 14th October marked our first parent/pupil SPARKS Track Down workshop at The Learning Lighthouse.

This literacy workshop was designed to develop pupils reading skills of inference, deduction and interpretation. Pupils had to infer meaning from clues given, deduce the specific evidence that supported their decisions and discuss other possible interpretations to solve the missing person mystery. Through collaboration and assimilating evidence where? why? and what? Pupils have gathered evidence and collated facts and hopefully seen literacy come alive in a dynamic, fun and real time environment.

What did the pupils think?

Report by Orlene 7XW

This morning we went to the Learning Lighthouse with our English Intervention group SPARKS. We went to do a TRACK DOWN investigation as two kids and their dog were missing. The two kids were Sally who is twelve years old and Sam who is ten and their pet dog Dylan.

Sally and Sam’s family were on holiday in the Lake District in the forest when Dylan ran away from them, we deduced that Sally and Sam went missing when they were trying to look for him!

Me, Chloe and Ruby from Year 11 were in a team. Ruby was helping us and giving us questions to answer. Ruby also helped me with my writing and helped to write sentences down in comic life.

I enjoyed watching the video evidence, the bit where Sam fell in the mud off his bike. I also enjoyed working with my best friend Chloe and new friend Ruby. I especially liked the fact we rescued Sally and Sam and their dog Dylan.

We were very grateful to be supported by SPARKS parents who worked alongside pupils and immersed themselves within the investigation. We hope that they enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

Parents comments:

“Great team building skills learnt, fun for all ”

Mrs Redgrift

“Great event, kept high level of interest due to session content ”