Tuesday 16th July 2019


On Tuesday 7th October four Engineering pupils: Beth, Brandon, Bradley and Callum, travelled to The City of Liverpool College to participate in the MerseySTEM Robotics Challenge. Schools from across Liverpool and the Wirral area were in attendance including Wirral Grammar Boys and Mosslands.

The day began with an introduction STEM, what it is and how it can shape the future for all young people not just those in attendance and also the opportunities available in the Merseyside area.

Following the introductions and presentations it was down to business for all schools involved in which they began the building of the robots. Each four person team was split into two with one pair tasked with constructing the body while the other constructing the robotic arm.

Once both pairs had completed their respective parts the assembly of the robot took place, with all group members participating and putting forward their own views on how it should be done.

Following a short lunch break and any last minute alterations, the battle known as tennis ball tussle began with two leagues competing.

After a great run of wins the Woodchurch team lost a place in the final loosing 5-4 to Mosslands, finishing in 3rd place.