Sunday 22nd September 2019


There have been new developments with Enterprise Education at Woodchurch High since September. In October both Year 10 and Year 8 started some special projects.

Year 10 had an Enterprise Day, when their normal lessons were suspended and they were in the hall for a day going through financial management training and considering how best to run a Radio Station. They chose DJ’s, looked at Advertising revenue and then had to do a ‘sales pitch’ to show why their station was the best from the year group. Pupils worked very hard in groups of six putting their ideas together and creating a poster to help with their pitch. One team was selected per day, and the photograph here shows one of the winning teams.

Year 8 began a new venture for a month, a £Challenge. Each pupil in Year 8 that wanted too was given £1. They could work in groups of five, and the only rule was that they needed to try and make a profit from it. The launch event took place in their assembly Tuesday 20th October and pupils currently are trying to gain profit.

After half term Year 9 are going to begin an Enterprise Project Booklet, where they look at Entrepreneurs and the concept of Risks and Rewards.

Later in the year, it is hoped that some pupils from one of these year groups will join in running their own company as part of our Actual Enterprise programme. More information about this later in the year...