Wednesday 18th September 2019


It has been an exciting time this term with the birth six healthy, bouncing lambs. We were expecting just four lambs but we were pleasantly surprised when two of the ewes gave birth to twins. We have three ewe lambs named Daphne, Delia and Daisy, and three ram lambs named Dodger, Dexter and Dennis. The lambs arrived during the Easter holidays in the early hours of the morning so when pupils came back to school they had a lovely surprise waiting for them. The Farm Team did a great job covering the midnight and dawn shifts and we must say a massive thank you to Roy Avison, one of the Farm's volunteers, his help was invaluable.

This year's lambs are all registerable, which means they will count toward the Rare Breed Survival Trust's population figures for the North Ronaldsay breed (of which there are less than 500 in existence so six lambs makes a difference to the conservation of breed).

The Woodchurch flock don't like to be handled. Therefore, weighing the lambs was down to the skills of BTEC Animal Care pupils who put their animal handling knowledge into action. They carried out a full health check on the lambs and reported that they were in excellent condition.

The next big event for the Farm will be the Cheshire Show, 18th June 2014. Ten of our pupils will take part in the sheep showing and sheep handling competitions. In 2012 Megan won the title of Best Handler. In 2013 George won the same title. Last year Belle, one of our ewes won the Malthouse Trophy for Best in Breed this year we are looking for continued success with the Woodchurch flock!