Thursday 22nd August 2019

"E of E" VISIT

On Wednesday 19th March, West-Midlands based rock group, E of E visited Woodchurch to spend the morning giving a band skills workshop to Year 9 GCSE and BTEC students. Students learned about using different guitar techniques, how to play a basic drum beat, tips on looking after your voice and adding a bass guitar line to a song.

Students were also given an insight into how the band write and rehearse their songs, with advice from band members on how to write songs as a group. Pupils were then encouraged to have a jam session with the band, trying out some of the instrumental techniques from the workshop.

Pupils demonstrated their skills on Bass Guitar and Drums and we also had a Year 9 band get up to play ‘Use Somebody’ by the Kings of Leon for E of E and the rest of the students. After the workshop, E of E gave a concert to the whole of Years 7 & 8 and the group of Year 9 and 11 GCSE and BTEC students in the hall, which pupils danced and sang along to - one pupil even had ‘Happy Birthday’ sung to her!

It’s safe to say that pupils learned some valuable information on working as a band in the morning workshop; and all the pupils really enjoyed the concert, as it was all they could talk about for the rest of the day.