Friday 20th September 2019


This year has once again been a great success. This was due in part to preparation, but also to the fact Work Experience is only one week long, pupils are therefore less likely to ‘give-up’ and show greater resilience.

As is the case every single year, there was much excellent feedback from employers about our pupils. Quite simply, there were so many good and positive things said, that to record them all would more than double the size of this report! It is true to say that by far our best ambassadors are our pupils:

In summary, some of the feedback we received included:

  • Samantha - Leasowe Early Years: Sam was hard working and followed instructions, she was keen to learn, she picked up children’s names very quickly and formed a bond with them, she got involved with duties straight away. Sam had the opportunity to work on the front desk, having the responsibility of signing people in and out, she used her ICT skills to create a data chart. The staff said “she made a better job of it than they did” and they would be sorry to see her leave.
  • Andrew - Arrowe Park Hospital: Andrew was a pleasant young man, used his own initiative , he was confident and offered his services in other departments, he was hard working , willing to learn, and staff wanted to keep him and not send him back to school. Liam has asked to work there when he leaves school.
  • Liam Arrowe Park Hospital: Liam was a pleasant young man, used his own initiative , hard working , willing to learn, he enjoyed his placement. He carried out various duties around the hospital.
  • Luke - Co- op Moreton: Luke made a good impression he has been responsible for working on the till, reducing price checks and working independently
  • Chloe Cutting Crew: Chloe has an excellent week with us, she learnt quickly and carried out all tasks to a high standard. She was hard working and polite to customers and staff. Chloe was able to deal with customers in a professional manor.
  • Abbie Poulton Penguins: It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to support Abbie this week. She clearly has a passion for working with children and this was demonstrated through her excellent practice and high commitment. Abbie is a credit to your school.
  • Phoebe Overchurch Infant School: Phoebe developed lovely relationships with the children. She carried out a variety of tasks to a good standard and was a good team player. Thank you.
  • Millie - Nail Gem: Millie has worked very hard, she was always on time and keen to learn, she carried out every job which was asked from her, even staying late on Friday to close the shop with staff.
  • Ben - Supersaver Moreton: Ben was a hard worker always on time, he was pleasant to the customers, he carried out numerous duties and never complained. He was a pleasure to have and an asset to the company.
  • Nathan- Griffiths and Armour: Very well mannered young man who was always punctual. He would be welcomed back by all in the company and not just his mentor.
  • Rhiannon - Science Council: Excellent and willing to learn. She is eager to complete tasks well and works well as part of a team.
  • Steven Pizza Hut: Excellent attitude and willingness to learn. Will always ask if unsure and works well in all areas of the job. Very polite. He has fitted well into the team.
  • Owen MP Electronic Fire & Security Ltd: Excellent work and was doing some advanced work.
  • Megan Brians Groomers: Very professional and hard working. A credit to the school.
  • Keelan Grip UK LTD, The Climbing Hangar: Impressed employer and was very professional. Hard working and a credit to the school.
  • Amber Townfield Primary School: Thank you for all of your help this week, Amber the children have enjoyed working with you. You have followed all directions that we have given you and it was lovely to have you in our class.
  • Sophie Prenton Methodist Play Group: I have been very impressed with Sophie and her attitude to work. She has shown great aptitude to the job quietly playing with the children, especially the more timid, shyer ones. She has user her initiative throughout. Well done Sophie, you are a credit to your school and family.
  • Alex - Boots the Chemist: Alex has been a real pleasure, her enthusiasm and attention to detail is second to none. she has completed each task given to her to a high standard, very polite and willing to learn. She was an asset to the company; she worked as hard if not harder than some of the employees.
  • Ben Supersavers: Ben was a pleasure to have with us on work experience, an asset to the company.
  • Luke Co-Op: Luke is capable of working on his own, doing price reductions and also working on the tills. He is confident and polite to customers.
  • Samantha Leasowe Early Years Nursery: Sam was hard working, followed instructions and keen to learn, she picked up the children’s names quickly and got involved with the children’s play straight away.
  • Abbey Summerhill Day Nursery: Abbey is an extremely pleasant and polite girl who seemed to really enjoy her time with the children in the nursery. She followed instructions well and interacted with the children during both child led and adult initiated play. Well done.
  • Emily - Summerhill Day Nursery: Emily showed a natural ability in being able to engage with children across all age ranges within the setting, particularly the pre-schoolers 3-5 years. Emily is an extremely pleasant and polite girl who did extremely well during her placement. Well done.
  • Connor Maritime Engineering College: Connor has a pleasant attitude towards everything he has had put in front of him. He has shown a keen interest in engineering and I believe he has the aptitude to progress in this field if he wishes.
  • Amy Court Nursing Home: Amy has shown great enthusiasm for all aspects of her work experience and has been offered employment when she leaves.
  • Declan Recresco: Declan has got on with the other members of our team and his use of PE skills was fantastic. Staff have enjoyed working with him.
  • Matthew Lets Go Publishing: Good that Matthew came with an interest in Graphic design. He has done a range of tasks including research and sales, database, sourcing of images. Gone above beyond he has written an article (credit in magazine). He has been a pleasure to have in the office and has shown himself to be a reliable and useful member of the team. He has worked with little supervision and his work has all been of an impressive standard. We wish him every success for the future.
  • Kyle McDonalds Restaurant: Very enthusiastic and polite young man. We would defiantly employ Kyle when he leaves school.
  • Tom P&P Plastering & Joinery Services: Did very well and worked very hard.
  • Heather and Shannon Michael John Academy: Both maintained professionalism and got on with everything that was asked of them. Employer was impressed with both.
  • Katie Liverpool Empire Theatre: Worked very hard and was a credit to the school.
  • Jack Hungry Horse: I went to visit Jack at the Hungry Horse they said he was doing brilliantly and the supervisor said “if he was old enough, I would give him a job”.
  • They also said that they ask customers to do online feedback, which are hard to get back, but Jack had 3 positive comments posted, which was great.
  • Abbie - Meadowside School: Abbie praised highly by the staff at Meadowside School, said that she was “a star” and one of the teachers there said that he would happily employ her!
  • Jack Oxton St Saviours Primary School: Jack has been very helpful and willing to tackle any of the activities I have asked him to do. He has a lovely way with the children, talking to them in a kind, caring yet firm way. I wish every happiness in your choice of career. I am sure you will do really well in whatever you choose.
  • Matthew Tesco: Matthew has been working in the customer service department. He has been enthusiastic to learn and has settled in well. He is very proactive. He was a pleasure to work with.
  • Ben Overchurch Infant School: Ben has been helpful in our class. I have been very impressed with his mature and professional attitude. It has been like having an extra member of staff in our class. He has been polite at all times and is a credit to himself, his family and his school.
  • Jessica - Arrowe Heads: Jessica was always willing to work and did everything she was asked to do. She is a pleasant, reliable and polite individual. If a job did come available I would certainly employ her.

A number of pupils have also been offered either holiday or part-time employment as a result of their excellent progress.

As ever, the many successes (including all of the above) only underlie the importance of Work Experience, in terms of developing within the pupils skills for employability, as well as giving them the opportunity of learning about work, through work.