Wednesday 18th September 2019


On Thursday 16th January pupils from our reading intervention groups SPARKS, Ready and Reading and Premier League Reading Stars had the opportunity to attend a writers workshop led by the Author Rob Keeley.

Rob enthralled pupils with a detailed explanation of how a book is created, from the first written word to the final published piece of work.

I never knew what publishers and editors did before, it was so interesting.

Sam, Year 7

The workshop was even more inspirational and personal to pupils as Rob is also a former pupil of Woodchurch High and spoke highly of his then careers and RE teacher, Ms Phillips (our Head teacher)!

Rob Keeley’s first published work was whilst he was still a pupil at Woodchurch. At the age of 15, Rob wrote an article highlighting his experiences as a pupil with disabilities that was featured in a disability awareness magazine. Upon leaving Woodchurch Rob’s journey took him to college and then onto University to study Law and at the age of 29 he saw his first book published “The Alien in the Garage”.

He is now the author of three collections of short stories for children, The Alien in the Garage and The (Fairly) Magic Show, and The Dinner Club and Other Stories all published by Troubador Publishing. He has also written for Chain Gang and Newsjack for BBC Radio 7 (now BBC Radio 4 Extra), and has several magazine credits to his name, both fiction and non-fiction.

Here is just a short exert from the email Rob sent following his visit:

Back at my desk and just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you once again for the invitation to Woodchurch. I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning and was delighted to see the wonderful work you're doing with your groups, and how enthusiastically they responded to my books. The school building and especially the farm I thought were fantastic. Can't wait for my return visit now!

Rob Keeley

Rob Keeley will be returning at the end of February to discuss with pupils their thoughts and feelings on “The Dinner Club” and we hope parents will take the opportunity to join us for this fun filled session!