Thursday 17th October 2019


In late October two Year 8 forms worked with Magenta Homes planting spring-time bulbs in the local community just outside our farm entrance to the school. Miss Joyce and Miss Duffy, along with a few of our teacher-trainees helped with the planting which will add colour to the local environment next spring.

Our pupils were involved as part of their ‘community action’ element of the Archbishop of York Young Leaders award. This award seeks to show how people can make a difference in the world, and how faith can drive people to make this difference.

When talking to the pupils after the event pupils talked about really enjoying being outside and getting involved in their community.

Magenta also donated to us a few spare bulbs which Ms Hackett has planted on our school horticulture area which we will sell the flowers from in spring next year!

This is the first of a number of projects we are working with Magenta Homes in, and we are excited about the opportunities this will give us to help people around us.”

As we do the Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award we reflect on Jesus' words in Matthew 5:16

“... Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”