Wednesday 22nd January 2020



Murder Mystery: Literacy, Science & Geography meets Maths at a murder scene!

Circus Laroz, is a travelling show, an exciting spectacle of colourful, talented acrobats, magicians, clowns and fire eaters all the way from Paris. The morning the circus was due to leave New Brighton, the Ring Master, Victor Van Derzanio was found dead in his caravan. There was no evidence of a break-in but some of his belongings (passport, credit cards and heirlooms) are missing. It is suspected that someone in the circus camp knows something about this chaos. This is now another major murder case!

SPARKS pupils were invited to become Investigating Officers to work with the forensic evidence found at the scene to help solve this dastardly crime. This all took place on Tuesday 4th June in the Learning Lighthouse...

Pupils enjoyed a carefully constructed range of highly motivating activities which allowed pupils to travel through a fantastic journey of forensic discovery.

Using many skills in a fun, structured way, pupils solved an array of problems:

  • Digital microscopes For analysis of forensic samples e.g. hair, fibres, fingerprints, shoe prints and blood samples from the scene of the crime
  • Mapping MapInfo Pro, digital mapping software for detailed environmental data collection
  • Interactive Mapping Table to collect local geographical information and distance measurements
  • EDAs handheld devices for scientific keys
  • Multimedia video, sound clips and photographic evidence

You will be pleased to know that SPARKS pupils made easy work of all the tasks they faced, through investigative skills, determination and team work the evidence was collected and the culprit was brought to justice!

What a wonderful morning we all had! A special thank you to Mrs Sherlock (Mum of Joshua Year 7) who came as a parent helper. Mrs Sherlock was very impressed with all the activities and commented on the remarkable achievements of all our SPARKS pupils.