Wednesday 18th September 2019


The global population of honey bees is declining at an alarming rate, due to a number of factors including viruses, pesticides and mites. We at Woodchurch High School are doing our bit to rectify this problem by making some hives of our own.

Mr Lucas, Miss Barney and several other staff members, under the expert guidance of Mrs Reevell, will be recruiting Y8 pupils to join the Bee Club, in addition to the year 8 pupils there is also the possibility of pupils doing animal care and similar qualifications at KS4 getting involved as part of their coursework.

We have carried out a thorough Risk assessment to ensure it is as safe for pupils to enjoy this unique experience as possible. Pupils will get the chance to put on bee suits and carry out a full range of Bee Keeping activities and for the more timid amongst them there will be ample opportunities to observe from the safety and comfort of a classroom adjacent to the hive location.

But don't bees produce honey? I hear you ask. They do indeed and this will be on sale at our school fair and similar events just as soon as our buzzy friends get busy and produce some. Watch this space, Woodchurch honey is on its way!

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(Photographed with hives - Mrs Reevell, Miss Barney and Mrs Hilton)