Tuesday 16th July 2019


From 'rare and other' to 'sonic-boom' vocabularies are exploding into a triple word score frenzy on Tuesday mornings as the ‘Sparks Scrabble Tournament’ reaches new heights and spelling champions begin to emerge to claim end of term prizes!

Alex (Year 9 SPARKS Buddy) is currently in the lead for the older pupils with Ross taking the title for this terms Year 7 scoreboard...

In celebration of their achievements this academic year, Sparks pupils will turn super-sleuth at the Learning Lighthouse this June. As they embark on a fantastic forensic journey to discover the culprit in a crime scene investigation, they will follow the clues, develop literacy skills and un-ravel the mystery behind ‘Circus Chaos.’ We hope this wonderful opportunity will help pupils reflect on how far their reading journey’s have come this year as we look forward to starting our last term of SPARKS.