Friday 20th September 2019


Year 11 pupils studying GCSE Environment and Land-Based Science (ELBS) were eggstatic about starting their scientific skills coursework. Each pupil had their quail eggs to incubate and hatch successfully. It may sound easy but it takes dedication and skill to ensure the eggs are correctly incubated, candled and monitored daily to ensure the hatchlings are healthy and just look at the result!

On March the 19th the eggs hatched and at just one day old the chicks had their first of many health checks carried out by the pupils.

Just 4 weeks later and what a change! The quail chicks are almost fully feathered and enjoying interacting with pupils studying BTEC Animal Care. When they are six weeks old the quail chicks will be fully feathered and ready to join the rest of the animals on the Woodchurch High School Farm.