Wednesday 22nd January 2020


This year Work Experience occupied the same time slot as it did last year – the week before the February half term.

Preparation for Work Experience began as far back as July 2012, in terms of drafting paperwork, setting up databases etc. From September 2012 was when work with the pupils began.

In line with previous academic years, the majority of preparation for Work Experience was carried out by Form Tutors. This, once again, has proved extremely successful due to the daily contact pastoral staff have with their groups. In addition, this gave the process a much higher priority. A number of assemblies to the year group as a whole were also delivered on the importance of Work Experience, as well as covering practicalities.

This year has once again been a great success.

Caroline: Mersey Fire & Rescue

Hollie: Oxton St. Saviours CE Primary School

Jacob: Sainsbury Prenton

Megan: Townfield Primary School

Jack: Total Fitness

Jack and Ryan: Argos Birkenhead

I went to Larton Riding school because I have an interest in horses, and one of my own. I know a lot about horses but I learned that it isn’t all about fun, it’s a lot of hard work. I learned so much about looking after horses that I want to work with them in the future. I learned how to care for them and help the stables run as a business. I was offered a part-time job too at the end which I am going to take. Jack (10XN)

For my Work Experience, I went to a company called C-Tech Innovation Ltd. They are a company that look into making environmentally sustainable products that are cheaper than current systems and energy efficient. I did a lot of work into Ohmic Heating while there. Ohmic Heating is a form of heating that is quicker and more efficient than conventional heating, and works through electricity travelling through substances. I chose to go to C-Tech because I wanted to see what working in a lab was like, as I am enjoying studying Science in school so wanted to see what it was like to do it in a work environment. I also did it because it sounded like an interesting placement to do, and sounded exciting. I greatly enjoyed my time at C-Tech. It was a superb experience, and they let me participate in experiments, as well as teaching me how to plot graphs on the computers and write up reports. I was impressed with the work, and enjoyed seeing what Science was like outside of school. After doing my week placement at C-Tech, I would be extremely happy to go into this line of work if my future took me that way. Not only is it fun, but is an extremely interesting job, with many potential things to do. I especially like the fact that not one day is the same; you are constantly given new experiments to do and you have to adapt your day to do them. I thoroughly enjoyed my week, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the school for allowing me to go to work experience, and I would also like to thank C-Tech for being so welcoming and accommodating, especially Mr Bailey and Mr Harrison. It was a superb week and I would love to do it again! Grant (10XZ)

For my work experience I went to Ponovis a printing firm in Liverpool. I went because I want to be in the engineering field when I leave school. Ponovis has a large engineering base and has a variety of engineering fields as well. I hoped to get an idea of what an engineer’s do in a average working day and the time needed to fix high tech machinery under the pressure of the job being needed to be done as fast as possible. Also the average working hours that have to be done in a job and the GCSE’s needed to do certain jobs. On the first day of my work experience I was able to get to know the office staff and help them in the paper work behind the work that Ponovis does, it helped me to understand how much more that someone would have to do in a office environment. It helped me see that even though people are just sat at a computer all day they still get a lot of work done and they have a very important job. On the Tuesday I was able to spend the day with two engineers that are in the mechanical field. I was shown how the machines work and the importance of fixing every part to the highest standard to make sue that the machines work properly and efficiently. I was able to ask how they feel about their work and ask any questions I wanted to know, it helped me understand the complex work engineers do. On Thursday I was shown the computer system that makes the computer controlled machines work and keep them running 24/7 with minimal problems and if there are problems they can be fixed and get the machines back up and running. On Thursday I was able to get to work back with the mechanical engineers because I found their work the most help full and more relevant to the job I want to do. Finally on Friday I got to see the systems that resemble a navy sub system.
I found out every I needed to know about engineering. it helped me understand the work I needed to put into school to get to where I want to go after I leave and the subjects I need to take. Amy

For my work experience I decided to do my placement with Merseyside Police. I decided to do my placement with the police as I believe it is a very interesting job and it is a job I would like to do in the future. I enjoyed my week of work experience with the police as I got to talk with different police officers to get their stories and advice. One of the departments I visited was the armed response unit in Liverpool which was exciting as we got to see all of the police’s cars and equipment for example their guns and radios. Another place I visited was the radio control room where the officers are told where to go and what to do. The officers in the control room can access the police national computer where they can find out if a person has any previous criminal convictions, they can also track someone’s mobile phone . On Friday we got a tour of the Wallasey property store where all of the evidence and items the police have seized is stored most of the items were weapons, stolen items or drug, however the drugs caused the whole building to smell of cannabis. Over all I enjoyed my week with Merseyside police. Lucas

For my Work Experience I picked to go to a Hairdressers on Church Road, called Re-Invent. I picked this job for my Work Experience because I wanted to see what a hairdresser had to do daily in their job. As a hairdresser for a week, I learnt how to take colours off, wash people’s hair, keep the salon safe and tidy and how to keep customers happy.. I also learnt to become more independent and how to do stuff without being told to. The salon taught me many things, but the main thing it taught me was that there wasn’t always going to be someone there to hold your hand and pick up the pieces when you mess up and so you have to take responsibility for your actions. Abi (10YS)

As is the case every single year, there was much excellent feedback from employers about our pupils. Quite simply, there were so many good and positive things said, that to record them all would more than double the size of this report! It is true to say that by far our best ambassadors are our pupils:

In summary, some of the feedback we received included:

  • Jack: Cool Trader, Birkenhead. Working really well, is polite and treats all the customers, especially the older ones, with respect and courtesy. Jack has been offered a Saturday job, but has declined saying this is not what he wants to do when he leaves and he knows he’ll have to work much harder in school now!
  • Jamie: Wirral Magistrates Court. Very well behaved young man. Intelligent and seemed to enjoy every aspect of the placement. Logical thought processes, really good, showed he understood how the magistrates arrived at their decisions.
  • Amy Stares & Robert McNee: Dundoran Nursing Home. These pupils’ behaviour and general conduct were a credit to the school. These were the first Work Experience pupils taken in eight years and they displayed initiative and a caring attitude beyond their years. In a care home that specialises in residents with dementia there can sometimes be many challenges but the staff and visitors have commented on their patience and positive attitudes.
  • Daniel: PJP. A great attitude and well behaved lad.
  • Christian: Wirral NHS Hospitals. Christian is a very well mannered young man. He is helpful and polite to all colleagues. He has been a pleasure to have in our department.
  • Rebecca: Hilton Hotel. Rebecca is a very polite young lady and was happy to work in the different departments and got on well with all colleagues. A credit to your school.
  • Charlotte: Overchurch Junior School. Charlotte has been a great help with everything she has done. She has a positive attitude and has helped with many tasks.
  • Callum: Evolution Gym. A credit to the school, very good overall.
  • Rebecca: Bidston Village CE School. Rebecca showed enthusiasm and had a very positive attitude towards all tasks asked of her. Highly motivated and a delight to have in our class.
  • Chazz: Birkenhead Park Rangers. Excellent work placement. Very keen to help and to learn. Very polite.
  • Lucy: Bennett & Co. Lucy worked in a positive way and has very good customer care and secure standards. She fitted in well with all members of the team and is a really pleasant girl. Very easy to work with.
  • David: J C Decaux. David should adapt to working life quite quickly. He enjoyed the variety of tasks in the outdoor advertising industry.
  • Simone: Merseyside Dance Initiative. Simone has been punctual, well-presented, polite, cheerful and positive, a pleasure to have in the office.
  • Ellie: Wirral Youth Theatre. Ellie has been a fantastic work placement student to have. Enthusiastic and hard working. She has been a pleasure to have working here.
  • Martin: SDA Architecture and Surveying. Martin has showed himself to be exemplary in everything he has been asked to do showing a confidence and ability far beyond his years. His punctuality has been commendable as has his smart appearance and attitude to other staff members. He is a credit not only to his school but also to his family.
  • Mille: Waterside Day Nursery. Millie is a pleasant young lady and has a can do attitude – she uses her own imitative when necessary.
  • Megan: Hairworks. Megan has been excellent in every way, in fact I have offered her some future paid work.
  • Kyle: Lloyds TSB. What a pleasant young man! He showed excellent people skills and was not daunted by anything we asked of him. He was professional at all times and it has been a real pleasure having him here.
  • James: MGMA Studios Ltd. His attitude and enthusiasm for learning about architecture and the profession is excellent. A joy to have in the studio for a week.
  • Amy: Prinoris UK. Amy fitted in really well with all of the team. She is inquisitive and keen to learn new skills. She has a positive and ‘can-do’ attitude.
  • Lucy: Coffee Square. I would have no hesitation offering Lucy a Saturday job if one were available. Lucy is very polite, capable girl, who follows instructions well and also uses here initiative.
  • Callum: Greasby Sports Academy. He is a very bright and enthusiastic young man. A credit to himself and your school.
  • Lauren: Townfield Primary School. She has been fantastic. She is quiet but enthusiastic and involves herself with the children.
  • Luke: Argyle Electrical Ltd. Luke was a pleasure to work with. He showed an interest in all aspects of the electrical industry and was willing to take on nay tasks he was set.
  • Mark: Mitchell Motor Group. Lovely young man, very polite and hard working. It has been a real pleasure having Mark with us. He4 has been a real credit not only to his parents but the school too.
  • Luke: Fallon Industries. Exceptional student! I have asked him to volunteer after Work Experience.
  • Jacob: Beechwood Community Centre. Jacobs attitude was first class for the whole week. He grew in the role as he met new people.
  • Shannon: Woodchurch CE Primary School. It has been a pleasure to have Shannon with my class. She used her initiative to support children and has excellent relationships with all. I would like to thanks Shannon for all her hard work. I believe she would be an amazing teacher if she chooses it for her career. Shannon is welcome to come back anytime.
  • Nathan: St. Joseph’s Wallasey. Nathan was an excellent motivated student, who took on any activity he was given. He used his initiative to help children, who were struggling. I was impressed.
  • Keiren: Merseyside Car Hospital. I found Keiran to be very helpful and willing to do anything asked of him.

A number of pupils have also been offered either holiday or part-time employment as a result of their excellent progress.

As ever, the many successes (including all of the above) only underlie the importance of Work Experience, in terms of developing within the pupils skills for employability, as well as giving them the opportunity of learning about work, through work.