Thursday 22nd August 2019



Students in Year 10 are hard at work completing the GCSE English Literature controlled assessment on Shakespeare and poetry. Miss Barney’s group are looking at how Shakespeare presents the relationship between Juliet and her parents in ‘Romeo and Juliet’; Miss Melling’s class are studying ‘King Lear’; Miss Broad’s set are exploring the concept of love in ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ and Mr Williams’ pupils are analysing ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Year 11 – KS4 pupils in this year are following several different pathways to achieve qualifications in English. Double award pupils (those studying Language and Literature), should have purchased a copy of ‘Heroes’ by Robert Cormier. This text is available for £5 in school. Next they will study ‘An Inspector Calls’ by JB Priestly which is a play about an upper class family in pre-war Britain.

Please take advantage of the numerous revision guides on offer for these texts.

Pupils are also showing a conscientious approach to their studies in the run up to the summer exams - working hard completing narrative and descriptive controlled assessments.