Wednesday 22nd January 2020


A group of girls were given the opportunity of a lifetime on Saturday 1st December, when they sang with Kate Nash at Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre, London. They had been attending workshops at Woodchurch High School which were given by Kate herself, her musicians, and assisted by Mrs Hughes, where they were encouraged to write their own material and to perfect their performance skills.

Kate then chose Woodchurch High School, along with another school from Yeovil, Somerset, to represent her work in London by performing at a Gala performance.

After travelling to London with Mrs Hughes, Ms Wallwork and Mr Emmitt, the girls were given their own dressing room, treated to a meal and a thorough sound check with Kate’s musicians. The lighting for the girls was tailored to the needs of their songs. They were interviewed by BBC radio and were even offered professional “styling”!! The results were truly spectacular.

Kate Nash organises these workshops nationally in order to encourage girl singer/songwriters to perform more confidently as she feels this area of the music industry is dominated by men. The project will continue in the future.

Woodchurch High School girls’ selection of original songs and covers were performed outstandingly and were a credit to the school. Mrs Hughes, who organised the event, remarked “I know I may be biased, but our pupils were the highlight of the evening”.

It definitely was a night to remember!

Woodchurch High School Girls story also features in the Wirral News January 23rd 2012