Friday 23rd August 2019


Recently Year 7 took part in their first Enterprise activity session. During the two half day sessions, pupils worked in groups to design an emergency bag with10 items in it which would help if there was a disaster in the world. These items would be given to people to help improve their lives immediately after a distaster, and this work tied in with various curriculum areas on the theme ‘Disaster and Dilemma’s’.

We also explored what Enterprise was and how this helps us prepare for the world of work as well as what we do as a school outside of Enterprise Days, such as the school bank, to help pupils become financially aware.

With nearly 90% of pupils saying they wanted to do something like this activity day again, the session was a great success. One pupil wrote about the day in their evaluation:”The part I most enjoyed was the pitch and when we got to show off all our hard work.”