Friday 20th September 2019


Tom Striker is a mud lark, earning a crust foraging on the banks of The Thames for anything worth selling. When his friend Billy goes missing, and he saves a man claiming to be Old Father Thames, Tom and his friends are caught up in a battle between powerful spirits...

(DEATHMIRE By Jon Mayhew)

Next week see’s the exciting launch of our year 7 literacy group SPARKS (Successful Partnership Attacking Reading Knowledge and Skills) and with the help of our amazing year 9 SPARKS Buddies it is set to be rather an exciting term!

What better way for our Buddies (who will act as reading mentors) to gain an insight into our chosen book DEATHMIRE than to do a workshop with the Author Jon Mayhew.

  • “It was a fun morning, the book is great. I think the year 7 pupils will love it” Jacob
  • “Awesome! I can’t wait to read on” Sam
  • “It will be nice to help the new pupils read, I have been helped so much here it’s nice to help other pupils” Kimberley
  • “Mr Mayhew rocks! DEATHMIRE is a great book to read. SPARKS will be fun!” Matthew

So with enthusiasm in abundance we look forward to meeting all our new SPARKS pupils and exploring the depths of DEATHMIRE together. Jon Mayhew has eagerly requested that he can meet with our SPARKS pupils in December to get some feedback and read reviews of his book and who knows... perhaps some character inspiration for his next novel!