Friday 20th September 2019


On Wednesday 20th June 2012, Year 10 BTEC Animal Care and Environment and Land-Based Science GCSE pupils went on a trip to the Cheshire Show. The aim of the visit was to introduce pupils to the agricultural community as well as supporting the Woodchurch Farm entries in the Sheep Rare Breeds and Poultry competitions.

The pupils learning experience was outstanding. From the moment the coach entered the show compound pupils were amazed by the sheer size of the event. Without exception the most popular attraction was the livestock. It was a joy to see the reaction of pupils as they were able to get up close and touch the cattle and pigs. Everyone was amazed by the size of the livestock and all were in agreement that cows and pigs are a must for the Woodchurch Farm!

Pupils had the opportunity to speak to Farmers and Livestock Technicians. They also gained an appreciation for other land-based businesses that support the agricultural industry. All pupils were surprised by the range of breeds in each animal category, which has enhanced their understanding of selective breeding.

Memorable moments of the day:

  • Sophie and Megan representing the school in the Sheep Handling Competition. We now have a queue of Year 10s who want to represent the school in the 2013 Cheshire Show!
  • Shaun and Ms Hackett learning how to milk a cow (on an artificial milking machine - thankfully) Shaun won the prize!
  • Natasha face when she saw the size of the show’s largest pig
  • Elli, Jasmine and Emily’s look of amazement at the variety and size of different sheep breeds.

It was a wonderful day for many reasons. It changed our pupils’ perception of agriculture and Mrs Moulton, Megan and Sophie put the Woodchurch High School on the Cheshire Farming map – well done!

One of our Brahma Cockerels won FIRST PRIZE!

Our pupils bathed and prepared the hens, and we won another rosette

Pupils achieved First and Third in the Junior Handler Competition!