Thursday 22nd August 2019


We were honoured and delighted to be joined for our Diamond Jubilee Reading Celebrations by the Mayor Councillor Gerry Ellis. The celebrations marked the end of The Big Diamond Jubilee Read which pupils from year 7 and 8 SPARKS (Successful Partnership Attacking Reading Knowledge and Skills) and Ready and Ready groups have thoroughly enjoyed.

Pupils were enthralled with the stories the Mayor told of when he met the Queen at a Royal Engagement and in turn he was captivated by the enthusiasm and dedication of our young readers.

After a wonderful “street party” lunch the Mayor spoke in turn to each pupil, discussing what books they had been reading and what types of genres they preferred. The party atmosphere continued with a recital from our very talented Year 9 musicians, the Literacy Ambassadors were also on hand to explain our Reading Buddy System (which is led by Lauren, Year 9) and the diverse range of literacy initiatives currently on offer within the school.

Eagerly the Mayor presented several of the pupils with their certificates of achievement for the Diamond Jubilee Scheme and the overall prize for effort and progress to Adam (Year 7).

The celebrations were concluded with a tour of the school and of course no visit would be complete without meeting our other residents, the animals at Woodchurch Farm.

Pupils Comments:

The Mayor’s Visit

I have been reading the Big Diamond Jubilee to celebrate the Queen sitting on the throne for 60 years.

I was the first person to read around all the commonwealth countries and got to meet the Mayor.

The Mayor came to join us for a street party in the drama studio and he wore his big gold chain and even had a bodyguard! It was exciting but scary because I have never met anyone like him before, but he was very nice!

I spoke to the Mayor about the different commonwealth countries; he told us that he had actually met the Queen so when I shook his hand it was the same hand that touched the Queen!!!

The best book I read in the challenge was “Shadow-City Eye” by Paul Blum. It is an adventure book where people plan to attack the City Eye and anyone on the ride will die! It was very very good.

I am so glad I met the Mayor and the bonus is he invited us all to visit him at the Town Hall.

Adam Hawkins 7XV

When I met the Mayor

I met the Mayor because of our big Diamond Jubilee read which I have done as part of SPARKS . The read was around the Common Wealth Countries (where the Queen is travelling too as part of her 60th celebrations), for every time you read for ten minutes you travel 500 reading miles.

I really enjoyed meeting the Mayor and I hope that he comes in again. This to me was a once in a lifetime experience. I really liked talking to him. The first thing I said was “Hello and welcome to Woodchurch High School we all are very grateful to have you here.” He came to me and said what I had been reading. And I have been reading kick off a football book. He was just a really nice friendly man who was really nice to speak to.

James Beckett 7YV