Friday 20th September 2019


Year 5 pupils from Prenton Primary, Woodchurch C of E and Overchurch Juniors recently attended Woodchurch High School for Enterprise Day.

The focus of these days was based around pupils enhancing their Enterprise Capabilities – so developing skills like teamwork, co-operation, communication and marketing. Pupils from these primaries were split into groups of four or five, and were placed with a Year 9 mentor who guided them through the tasks of the day. After an initial introduction, pupils split into seminar groups where they recorded a TV advert, radio advert, created bill board, posters and leaflets and an internet flash presentation. Each seminar was also led by our Year 9 pupils, so this day also helped develop our pupil’s leadership and responsibility skills.

Pupils from Prenton and Woodchurch worked on Wirral Tourist Board and World War museums respectively. Overchurch worked on helping the environment. All of these themes complimented the primary school curriculum either by starting or concluding a topic.

Below are a selection of the podcasts, internet adverts and photographs taken on the days.