Friday 20th September 2019


To mark the Queen’s 60 year reign, members of the Royal Family are going on a tour of the Commonwealth. By taking part in The Big Diamond Jubilee Read competition, year 7 SPARKS pupils will set off on their very own tour too, moving around Commonwealth countries (earning literacy air miles) as they read their chosen books. For every 10 minutes shared reading at home, pupils earn 500 reading miles. We’ve added a writing element to the competition for pupils to enjoy too: This gives them the chance to share their thoughts about their favourite book with a child in another Commonwealth country, starting off with Canada!

The competition ran till Friday 29 June 2012 and pupils started with their extra reading. Chema, Ashleigh and Adam were amongst the first pupils to receive their first stage certificates presented to them by Mrs Loney with Summer Capper reaching the second destination - Jamaica!