Friday 20th September 2019


On Thursday 26 April 10 members of the Go4Green Committee spent the afternoon at Gillmoss Recycling Discovery Centre in Liverpool, one of only 4 similar centres in the whole country.

The Recycling Education Officer Alistair explained the importance of recycling, how the process works and checked that everyone knew what to put in each of Wirral’s grey, green and brown bins.

The Gillmoss Centre receives around 250-300 tons of recyclable waste from Knowsley, Liverpool and St Helens every day. The non-recyclables have to be removed and the paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminium and iron get separated.

Pupils were allowed on the Viewing Gallery to watch all the action-conveyor belts, cabins, triple deck machines, glass crusher, Vscreen, scanners, magnets, cages and the end products which are enormous bales of cardboard, plastic, paper and aluminium, ready to be sold to recycling firms.

It was a fascinating visit and helped pupils understand what happens to all the recyclable waste that leaves our school.