Thursday 17th October 2019


After visiting the Tate exhibition on Alice in Wonderland pupils were set a research task based around the theme. Pupils were asked to research the different genres of the film and book. pupils were then asked to look at Vivienne Westwood as a starting point for their corset designs. the pupils then developed and constructed a number of samples that brought together the research on Alice in Wonderland and Vivienne Westwood. Sketches and development samples then helped in the design process.

Pupils were asked to construct a final corset for their practical outcome.

Emily’s front of corset demonstrating use of freehand embroidery to recreate elements of the film. It is also heavily embellished with gold beading to enhance the design.

Emily’s back of corset – fabric painted Queen of Hearts head embellished with hand stitching and freehand stitches. to create the straps she has appliquéd fabrics and they have been held together by soldering and fusing the fabrics together.

Anna’s corset – Alice Falling Down the rabbit hole all fabric used has come from the same piece of fabric. She has used fabric paints, appliqué and different stitches to define important areas.

Maria , Brittanny and Shannon completion coursework for Alice in Wonderland