Friday 20th September 2019


The pupils in year 9 have been working hard during the last ½ term raising money to sent to support the training of ‘Guide dogs for the blind. They raised Money by selling Valentine’s Day roses, selling cakes and making super imposed images of pupils with their favourite Pop Stars.

Ever wondered what it takes to train a guide dog?

The answer is time, money – and a lot of dedication.

The journey starts with breeding and initial training. Puppy-walking volunteer’s help dogs get used to people and their surroundings. Matching guide dogs to owners is an important process, one that we take great care over. Training for dogs and their owners continues for up to seven years. The Guide Dogs For The Blind also help with retirement and re-homing

It costs £50,000 to train a guide dog throughout. Our Year 9 Pupils raised £500 for this well deserved charity.