Tuesday 16th July 2019


As we entered West Kirby Grammar School we found Mr Chapman sitting at a table. We went over, got our tickets and headed off to Starlab. We gave in our tickets and had to take our shoes off to enter the big inflatable object. As we entered we had to crawl through a small tunnel into this mobile planetarium. In there was our guide Ian and a big overhead projector in the middle of the room. Ian put it on and its amazing pictures came up all over the walls. These were star patterns; there was Orion, The North Star and more.

After the Starlab we had to go off to the Maths Murder Mystery. It was quite hard but in the end we resolved that the murderer who killed Captain Tick-tock was Owen Oddity. Because he arrived about 10 minutes early of 6 to poison him, then the poison took affect 2 hours later. When the Maths Murder Mystery finished we went to have our lunch, we sat outside because it was really hot. Outside on the grass we were all playing tick (besides Mr Chapman!)

After lunch we went off to Bubbleology, our chosen drop in activity, where we could make a pyramid shaped bubble! We decided to do human bubbles where we put ourselves inside bubbles. It was amazing! Daniel King managed to put an amazingly big bubble over him and me! The teachers were amazed and so were we. Then we headed off to Volcanoes. Here we mostly used the plasticine to make sedimentary layers and then we had to squish it using two blocks of wood. Then we went onto making our own explosion but there was no red food colouring so we couldn't.

Then it was time for the finale. The Magic of Chemistry! It started by the two scientists introducing themselves. Then they used liquid nitrogen, a really cold gas, to make things freeze, like the tubes, bananas and teddies (The teddies didn't freeze because they had no water/liquid in them). They threw them out in the crowd and we managed to catch a piece of banana and half a tube. Then it was time to leave. We had to make our escape out of the squashed corridors and then we all got in our cars and went home. We had had an amazing time.

By Lewis Judge 7YE