Thursday 17th October 2019


Year 7 SPARKS* Pupils, Year 8 Ready and Reading pupils, Year 9 reading buddies, alongside year 7 pupils who chose ‘Mortlock’ a book by Jon Mayhew as their “free book” got to meet him and hear him read from the prologue of his gripping Victorian horror novel.

Jon was amazed at the pupils innovative questioning and explained where his passion for reading and writing stemmed.

Jon said “As a teacher, I would write short pieces for my pupils but never finished anything. It was only when I broke my ankle in 2006 that I found the time to sit for quite a while and write something... lengthy.

I do love writing. It lets me escape to worlds that I can control...although sometimes the characters do seem to take on a life of their own”.

Johs advice about writing?  “Just write the story that's inside you and enjoy it. Have fun.”

So impressed was Jon with our pupils enthusiasm, he is returning to run a workshop for SPARKS* and Ready and Reading pupils as an end of term celebration!

*Sparks Successful Partnership attacking Reading Knowledge Skills (Year 7)