Wednesday 18th September 2019


Author and screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce put down his pen for the day and encouraged Woodchurch High School pupils to use their imagination and enter the world of literature and “The Unforgotten Coat.”

The award-winning writer has penned countless children’s books including Millions which won the 2004 Carnegie Medal and later turned into a film. He captured the imagination of the eager pupils when reading from his latest book which is set partly in Liverpool. “The Unforgotten Coat” is part of ‘Our Read’ 2011. Our Read is about sharing, reading and creating one HUGE community of readers.

SPARKS Coach Carol Doughty said “He was very inspirational, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement”.

Matthew (Year 7) He was awesome and his book is cool, especially the bit about the Eagle. He even signed my book.

Pupils were left spellbound at the story which centers around two Mongolian brothers at a school in Bootle and can’t wait to read on during their summer break.