Friday 20th September 2019



Thursday 30th June brought this year’s competition to its close. In the months running up to June the team had been working hard to finish the car designs and build the cars ready for race day.

During the last few months the pupils have worked hard to manufacture parts for, and to assemble the car.


A very early start (yes there are two 6 o’clock in the day!!!!!). We arrived at Silverstone in plenty of time to unpack and get both cars running. Then came the drivers briefing where both teams were given the orders for the day.


  • Winners – (Experts) Aerodynamics & Bodywork
  • 4th Overall in the competition.

Following on from last year’s success, the team decided to keep the car basically the same as last year but focus on the transmission reliability. On arrival at the track the car was started and was running well, during practise. However, after a short rest to cool the engine down, the car refused to start for the qualifying sessions so the team were unable to get through to the final.

Since this competition is not just about the racing but about the design, engineering and building of the car, after a long session talking to the judges, the team were awarded the trophy for “Aerodynamics & Bodywork” (Experts) for their work in this area of the design. This mark and marks for the other sections added up to give the team an overall position of 4th.


  • 5th Overall in the competition.

This was a new venture for the school. A team of Year 9 pupils was put together at Easter to enter in this competition. They worked very hard to get the car designed and made ready for race day. After a few last minute adjustments the car was ready for the first qualifying session. After some excellent driving by Callum the team finished 3rd equal in the first session. After a short break second qualifying, this time they finished 5th. Both these results managed to get the team through to the final. Once again a good drive kept the car out of trouble and we finished 7th in the race.

As with the methanol car, this competition also takes into account the design and making of the car. So after a question session with the judges the team finished 5th overall in the competition. An excellent result as the team had not been together for long.

Well done to both teams for all their hard work in getting the cars ready for this event. The pupils were a credit to themselves and the school.

For more information about the competition visit the Formula Schools web site at

Once again many thanks to the following for all their help during this competition.


Formula Sun Team Solar Sky Race Day at Plas Meani 20th June 2011

2nd Overall in the regional event.

Congratulations to the Year 7 Team Solar Sky for their excellent result at Plas Meani on Monday 20th June.

After one or two setup problems when we first arrived at the event the boat was soon performing well. During qualifying we were able to set the fastest time (by more than a second) over the 10m course and were looking good for the final.

The judges were impressed with the work done by the team in getting ready in such a short time.

The team managed to get into the final with five other teams at the event. Up till now the weather had been great with plenty of sun to power the boats. However the clouds appeared just in time for the final. Sadly the boat was not able to perform as well in the final and did not win any of the three races.

The team finished a close second to a team that had spent a lot of time preparing for the competition. So a lot of credit must go to the Year 7 team for such a great effort in the competition, they were a credit to themselves and the school. Well done, now to get ready for next year!

Many thanks to the school PTA, STEM and Kier for their help in funding the team in this competition.

Once a gain well done, now for next year.