Thursday 17th October 2019


This week has seen some exciting changes down on the School Farm.

The sheep who have been apart since the start of lambing were reunited in the main field.

They are all gaining condition on the good grass. The lambs especially are getting really big now. We are going to enter the flock in the Cheshire Show next year in the Rare Breeds sheep class, and fingers crossed will come home with some ribbons!

Some wonderful additions to the stock have also appeared this weekend.

Mrs Moulton managed to persuade a lovely gentlemen called Martin Jones we met at the Cheshire Show, who breeds fabulous Golden and British Guernsey goats, to sell us two of the kids he had brought to the show. We had all fallen in love with them. Mr Hayden drove down to Wales to pick them up and although they are still a bit nervous, they are settling really well now.

Their names are Bronwen and Phoebe. They are only very young and it’s the first time they have been away from their mum, but everyone is spoiling them and they will soon be tame and going for walks on leads!

Finally the patter of tiny hooves caused the “neigh”bours some amusement when Leonard, the miniature Shetland pony, arrived on Sunday. He is only one and still has baby fluff round his tummy.

Pupils have helped settled him in and he seems to enjoy a fuss! And the odd pony nut! He was actually born on Shetland and this is near where the sheep come from. They are getting a posh new shed/stable next week.

Come and see the animals and plants at our Open day on July 16th from 12 till 3pm!