Thursday 17th October 2019


Year 8s and Yr 10s have enjoyed a great ceramics experience with internationally renowned Artist, Emma Rodgers. They took many photos of our school sheep as they were to be the focus of the work. They also made individual small scale sheep whilst outside observing them, with time limits of 5-10 mins. Later in the art room they sculpted their own sheep which after being fired at a very high temperature in a kiln, were incinerated using grasses and sawdust. We watched from a distance as Emma placed them carefully in the incinerator, wrapped in grasses and layered with newspaper and sawdust before setting them alight. In no time at all they were extracted from the incinerator looking far more natural and organic.

Emma led the way in making large ceramic sheep which pupils worked into with their own choice of designs, personalising them and signing them at the end. They are now in the process of being fired in order to strengthen them and make them a permanent feature.

There will be a press launch and an exhibition of this work that will be publicised nationally as it was funded by the Crafts Council of Great Britain.