Thursday 22nd August 2019


On Wednesday 8th June, 2011 sixteen Year 10 GCSE Catering pupils visited Wood Park Farm in Neston.
The farm is one of Tesco’s Dairy Centres of Excellence and is owned by the University of Liverpool. Mr John Cameron, (dairy farmer,) explained how the cows were fed, cared for and milked. He then took the pupils on a tour of the farm where they were introduced to two of the farms top milk producing cows, Duchess and Elizabeth, before watching the cows being milked. The pupils found the visit very enjoyable and particularly enjoyed stroking the calves and cows.

At the end of the visit the pupils offered their thanks to:

Mr Cameron, (Dairy farmer)

M/s Taylor and Mr Devine, (for driving the mini bus)

M/s McKay, (Teaching Assistant)