Sunday 22nd September 2019



On Tuesday 7th June the school’s wind turbine was scheduled for a service, which involves making sure the turbine is working to maximum capacity.

Members of the Eco-Committee and Year 10 Environment & Land-based Diploma pupils were there to see it happening and to interview David Postlethwaite, the lead engineer carrying out the work.

Pupils found out that the wind turbine can generate up to 6 kilowatts of electricity depending on the strength of the wind. As the blades on the turbine spin around they rotate magnets which generate a current. This current is then fed down a wire into the school’s Power Room where it is converted into a DC current which means it can then be used as electricity in school.

During the day the turbine doesn’t produce enough energy for all of the school’s needs so we still have to buy electricity. However, at night the power generated by the turbine is more than the school requires so the surplus electricity is exported to the National Grid, which generates money for the school.

For more information about the school’s wind turbine visit the following website: