Friday 20th September 2019


8YW recently took part in a mock trial organised by the Citizenship Foundation. They spent time in their PSHCEE lessons with Miss Tracey studying the information provided about the trial and preparing for the court case. It was the trial of a young woman called Kelly Daniels who was accused of assaulting her brother Andy Daniels. The whole class was involved and there were prosecution and defence lawyers, magistrates, legal advisers, the defendant, ushers, witnesses and clerks. The drama was acted out in front of Ms Oldham, Miss McIver, Mr Emmitt and the Year 10 Society Health and Development Diploma group. Everyone was so impressed that they arranged for the trial to be filmed so it can be shown in Year 8 lessons next year. Miss Phillips came down to see it and commended everyone on the high standard. After the speeches the audience got to act as the jury and vote on whether Kelly was guilty or not. She was acquitted. Congratulations and thanks go to 8YW and Miss Tracey for this excellent performance.