Thursday 22nd August 2019


On 12th April 2011, Woodchurch High School hosted another PopStars Primary school event. This time 60 pupils from Higher Bebington joined us for part of the Enterprising Hubs project, co-ordinated by Di Fitch of Wirral Met and Susie Wallis. This day saw pupils create a pop group and market it, organising marketing campaigns, tours and working on their team work skills.

The pupils had a great time, and were supported by 11 Year 9 pupils from Woodchurch High School who acted as mentors for the day. Our pupils were excellent in their support of the Year 5’s and showed the Woodchurch way. Higher Bebington pupils also had a tour around the school site and saw our sheep, new lamb and chickens.

At lunch, we were fortunate to have another concert put on by a variety of our pupils from Year 8, 9 and 10. These pupils put on a large range of musical items featuring ukuleles through to full rock bands.