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“I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the
                                                       light of life”

                                                       John 8:12

              Year 11 Leavers

              Today we said goodbye to Year 11.  It has been a challenging final year for them, how-
              ever they have shown themselves to be an extremely appreciative and resilient year
              group.  Since returning to school in March Year 11 have worked hard on their Centre
              Assessed Examinations.  They have also continued to contribute to school life, many of
              them showing service and thankfulness for the opportunities offered to them at Wood-
              church High School.

              Our final assembly will take place in June, when we will present awards for those pupils
              who have shown academic excellence, effort and displayed our Christian Values.  This
              year there will be a special prize and certificate in memory of Jack Loftus, who very
              sadly died last year following many years of illness.  His endurance and graciousness
              throughout his time at Woodchurch are a great example to us all.

              This half term the Woodchurch High School community has also mourned the loss of a
              member of the school family—Jack W Jones.  Our pupils and staff paid their respects
              to Jack on his final journey past the school.  Jack’s family were comforted by the show
              of support for them and grateful for the kindness shown to the whole family.  Many of
              the motorbike outriders and members of the community have written into school to ex-
              press how impressed they were by the pupils’ conduct and respect.  We continue to re-
              member Jack’s family in our prayers.

              Ms Phillips
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