Collective Worship

As a school we believe it is important to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Collective Worship

Each day all pupils take part in an act of collective worship, either as a whole year group or within their forms (unless they have been withdrawn by their parent/guardian/carer). These give opportunities to worship, consider and reflect how our Christian faith journey impacts our lives and the lives of those around us. Acts of worship usually last for approximately 10 minutes, but this time will be shortened or lengthened as appropriate.

Our collective worship policy meets statutory requirements, and takes into account the guidance offered by the Local Authority through its SACRE; it is consistent with the ethos vision and values of the school, as expressed in its prospectus.

Collective Worship contributes significantly to the ethos of Woodchurch High School, and it is our aim that this is a time when the school community can:


  • Worship God
  • Promote the school's vision and values
  • Share common aims and values
  • Celebrate achievement and special times
  • Explore together the world in which we live
  • Develop a community spirit


As a school we believe it is important to promote the spiritual, moral, social, emotional and cultural development of our pupils, and to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. We intend that Collective Worship contributes to the development of the pupil as a whole person by providing opportunities to:


  • Worship God
  • Understand the importance of the School's vision and values for their lives, and how to implement them
  • Consider spiritual and moral issues
  • Explore their own beliefs
  • Take their own faith journey
  • Reinforce positive attitudes
  • Participate and respond

Though Collective Worship time is distinct from curriculum time, it will sometimes feature aspects of the curriculum in order to enhance the experiences of pupils by reflecting on the work done in classes. Collective Worship will also enrich class work through its consideration of subject matter from different perspectives, and through the Christian Values being built into each of our lessons and classroom activities. If announcements are to be given at the same time as an act of worship then they will be of a positive nature, which may at times enhance the act or worship itself; announcements should be made after the act of worship, with a clearly defined break in between.

Collective Worship material, in its various forms, is produced by the Chaplaincy Team and is informed by current social affairs and events, e.g. Thy Kingdom Come, Remembrance Day and Christian Festivals, and emphasises the importance and relevance of our Christian Values throughout. Its content is considered carefully, to ensure relevance and suitability for the ages, aptitudes and backgrounds of all pupils. All form tutors lead or oversee acts of collective worship during form time, or delegate responsibility to pupils within the form who can read aloud or lead prayers; we hope that this empowers pupils to take initiative and gain confidence in speaking in front of their peers.