Christian Values

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matthew 5:16

Christian Values

In 2015 the school merged their established roles of Ethos representatives and Charity representatives into a new role of Christian Value Representative.

Each form has two Christian Value Reps who are nominated and voted for by their form. The year team has 24 form reps in each who meet on a half termly basis to discuss fund raising ideas and successes and encourage each other in their fund raising efforts. This is done across the five year groups, so in total we have 120 reps.

From each year group between two and four are voted to become school reps and form our school interact team. This team meets half termly to discuss what they have done and plan projects to take our fund raising forward with members of the Birkenhead Rotary Club.

At the end of each year the Interact Team decide which charities we will support as a school and how to divide the money raised between them.

Each Christian Value Rep meeting begins with a prayer and Bible reading which encourages us to reflect on the call of Christ on us as a community. During the meetings we also reflect on our Christian Values.

Each year we have a half day training session for all 120 representatives. In this training session we will develop our pupil's communication and presentation skills so that they can be more proactive with their form groups and in year group assemblies.

As a school, we understand it is not sufficient to feel compassion for someone without doing something about it. In the book of James it talks clearly about the need to link faith and action and how important it is to live out both.

As a school family we want to support and shares Jesus' compassion and love to others locally, nationally and internationally.

We believe that we do what we do as Jesus taught people to shine their light so others can give glory to God – and we hope that by us following Christ's call our light will be seen as a beacon of hope in dark times.